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This page is a translated version of the page Hauptseite and the translation is 100% complete.
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Welcome to the MonstersGame wiki!


Welcome to the MonstersGame Wiki - the first and only english language reference book for the browser game of the RedMoon Studios!
If you are here for the first time, have a look around and don't forget to use the search function ;-)

Important NEWS And announcements!

Authors for articles are always welcome here, so if you are interested, register please register (it is necessary that you register at Patti so that he can create a profile for you here. It is necessary to enter a valid mail address because you have to confirm it, this is unfortunately necessary to stop the spam here.

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Here you will find general information:

New on MonstersGame?

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You're new to the game? Then the following pages will certainly help you:

  • Rules - Every game has rules. Here you find the rules for MonstersGame.
  • Guide for beginners - a compact beginner's guide and help for newcomers to find their way around in the beginning
  • safety fight - This is how you protect yourself from attacks.
  • Securing Gold - You want to keep your gold safe? Here you will learn how.
  • Manhunt - How long and at what interval? Read it here.
  • Fighting - Information on how to fight.
  • Questions about the game - Here you will find a lot of keywords that will answer your questions.
  • Instructions - Various instructions
  • Categories - Further information can be searched here



You need support regarding the game?

contact person:

Regarding support:

  • LogIn problems - If you can no longer access your account, check here to see what might be the problem.
  • 2 persons one connection - Read here if you are playing to two (or more) people over the same connection on the same server.
  • Sitting - If you are looking after an account, read how to report it.

Problems and more:

Information about the game

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More information about the game can be found here:


Here you will find for example things that cannot be classified anywhere else.