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This page is a translated version of the page MG Einsteigerguide and the translation is 97% complete.
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A small beginner guide for MonstersGame by Lûc Antro , adapted and updated by Zeta and Patti, this list is up to date ;)

Before registration

Before you sign up for MonstersGame (MG), there are a few things to consider. Therefore it is best to read this manual first.

You should know that in this game you fight as Werwolf/Vampire against vampires/werewolves. That means regardless of whether you attack someone or not, you will be attacked often. You will sometimes be attacked by powerful enemies that you are not up to. This also partly depends on how long the Server has been around on which you log in and then play. But then don't lose heart.

The first steps

Shortly after registering, you can be attacked, because there is no beginner protection on MG (on newly started servers or worlds). And a strong opponent can directly knock you out. Therefore, the first steps are very important and should be carried out quickly, directly after registration. Therefore, look for potential opponents for a Security fight from the Highscore. Sort the highscore in reverse order by level (click twice on "Lvl") and pick a few players of the opposing race at level 1 (usually recognizable by (booty: 0.00 liters of blood)). Click on their names, look at their Values. All at 5? Very good, make a note of these opponents. They should be two hands, because you may not be able to attack your opponent. Everyone can only be attacked once an hour. This is important for you too, but more about that later.

Search for enemies

The first step you should take after registration is to train your values. Everyone has their own preferences here, so tips are not very useful. Just increase your values as you see fit. You have a starting balance of 70 gold. Buy a small amount of life energy from the city at the goods dealer so that you are prepared in case of an enemy attack. If you want to start training your stats to 6, you shouldn't do any more, so that you have about 15 gold left. The next step now would be a Fight.


After you have increased the few characteristics, you go to "Raid" immediately to the opponent search. There you enter a name from your "victim list" and search for the opponent and then attack him. With a little luck you should win. But even a defeat is not tragic, because now you have one hour protection from your opponents. This is important so that nobody can steal your gold, which you will earn in the next time with the Manhunt.


Now, after you have waited for the "battle break", we come to the most important thing in the MonstersGame world: The Manhunt (MJ). With the MJ you get experience points, Gold and meat/blood, where meat/blood is only responsible for your place in the highscore list. As a normal player, you have 60 minutes of manhunting available every day. You should never do the whole 60 minutes at once. Always hunt in 10-minute increments. If you do that and do that 6 times, you will usually make the most of the manhunt. After you have been on a manhunt three times, i.e. 3x10 minutes, with a little bit of luck you might already be on level 2. So now go to "Status" and invest a little gold in your skills. There should be about 20 gold left again. Now it's time again to fight an enemy to keep your hour protection. Again, choose an opponent from your list and attack him. After that you will have one hour's rest from opponents (no matter if you won or lost).

Next steps

Then you continue on MJ at 3x10 minute intervals. Until you reach level four, you can put the gold into your skills first, then you can put it into a weapon. With Level-UP you will then get better weapons, armor, guards and rings. What is best for you now is up to you. But here's a hint: Buy healing potions on reserve, you will probably need them after logging in. If you are not in hourly protection, you will often be attacked by stronger enemies and your life energy (LE) is so low that there is nothing you can do.

After the manhunt

After completing the MJ, you either fight a little bit more, or you go to work at the graveyard. There you get there via the city. It is best to always send your monster to work when you are not at your computer. You don't have to wait until the battle block is over, you can go to work immediately after a battle.

The next matchday

If you log in again the next day, it may be that your LE is only just over 1, as mentioned above. Then you take your bought healing potion, fight again against a small enemy and start your manhunt. The better your characteristics become, the stronger your opponent can attack you, and with luck you can get more gold (in case of a victory you steal 5-10% of his cash gold fortune from the opponent, he steals it from you in the opposite case, so be careful with a lot of free gold, so word gets around!). But remember to buy a healing potion again during the course of the day!


  • If you should save once on an expensive item, and you are constantly attacked because you have so much gold, it makes more sense to buy smaller/cheaper items for the gold, and if you have enough of it, sell everything at once to be able to buy the expensive item. You will lose 50%, but your opponents will not get any gold.
  • You can also if you have the necessary level your gold in the arena bunkers Arena Money Box
  • But you will notice over time that you don't manage to become better than some players or even get caught up. That's probably because they have Premiumtickets and you don't. If you get one, you have several advantages that are extremely useful. For example, double the time spent hunting humans.

Tips to bag lots of gold

Find active players

There is also the possibility to identify active players and thus get the probability of high loot.

1. find your opponent and open his profile 2. click on attack

attack profile

3. watch the experience points bar of your opponent by refreshing the page as well. The experience points have jumped? then he might be hunting people.

Attack Profile EXP have increased

4. now press attack at the bottom

If you're lucky, it wasn't secured and you got a lot of gold :)

Video tutorial:

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