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Short introduction

In the arena, you can compete against several players, including players of your own race.


Your character will participate in the arena fight exactly as it was at the moment you signed up for it. Subsequent changes do not affect the arena fight. arena fight. This includes skill changes, armour and weapon changes, guardian changes and ancestor skills. Potions generally do not work in the arena! Changes, Changes made AFTER you sign up for the arena will not affect the fight - for example, if you sign up for an arena with guards but don't have a guard, you will not be able to fight until after you sign up. but do not own a guardian, but buy one afterwards, it will NOT be taken into account in the fight. The same applies to weapons, armour and of course your skills.

Arena overview

With the update, the overview has been changed somewhat:

As before, all current arena battles are displayed in an overview.
The arena names are marked in different colours. The following colour scheme applies:

(Colours differ slightly from game)

If you lack gold for an arena match, the entry fee will be shown in red in the overview. If you do not meet the skill requirements, these will also be highlighted in red. highlighted in red.

The submenu in the arena has also changed. There is now a clearer distinction between duels and tournaments (i.e. fights with more than 2 participants). Therefore, next to the general overview, which lists all arena fights, you will now find the items "Tournaments" and "Duels". Only the corresponding battles are displayed here. The points "Start new tournament" and "Start new duel" are also separate.

Arena details

Clicking on the arena name or the word "Details" on the right-hand side will take you to the overview of a particular arena.

Here you will find not only the registration deadline for this fight, the entry fee and the skill requirement (skill range), but also whether this arena fight will include the equipment, the guards and / or the ancestor skills are included in this arena fight. More on this later.

Below you will find the players who have registered so far.

Open Arena

Here again you will find the separation between tournament (more than 2 players) and duel (exactly 2 players). As you will notice, you now have many more possibilities to configure an arena match (whether tournament or duel) when creating it. Remember, however, that you will not be able to make any changes later. Among other things, you can set whether the equipment, the guards and the ancestor skills should be included in the fights. Of course, a player can also take part in an arena without guards, for example, in which the guards are allowed to fight. Of course, this player will then have a correspondingly difficult time.

In the duels, it is also possible to start a "just-for-fun" duel. This does not cost any gold, but there is no reward for it either, no gold, no experience, no arena points.

Name of the arena match

Here the arena is given a name.

Number of participants

For tournaments, the creator can choose between 2 and 5 participants per team. For duels, the number of participants cannot be changed.

Participation fee

The participation fee is the fee you have to pay to participate in an arena match or to start one. The amount is set by the creator from three options and applies to all participants.
For duels, it is also possible to start a free duel. However, there is nothing to win there.

Registration deadline

The waiting time until a fight can be up to 7 days. Arena fights always take place at 21:00 on a given day. If the arena is full, it will be held on the next possible date. If not all necessary players are registered when the registration deadline is reached, the arena fight will be terminated and the participation fee will be credited back to you. Arena creation before 21:00 will count for the same day, after 21:00 will count for the following day.

After the arena fight, you will receive a notification and can view the fight either via messages or directly in the arena area.

Skill area

The skill range limits the circle of participants in a fight so that there are no unfair fights between very weak and very strong players. The creator can choose between three ranges. In order to enable players with very high skills to participate, the three areas have been designed dynamically.
These requirements correspond to the average of the status values (strength, defence, agility, endurance and dexterity). If they are within this range, you can register for this arena fight.

      (Strength + Defence + Agility + Stamina + Dexterity) / 5

Your skill average is displayed on the status page under your skills.

Here is an example:

Underneath you can determine whether you can fight with (or without) guards, equipment and/or ancestor abilities.

Log in to an existing arena

Of course you can also register for an existing arena as usual. As soon as an arena has been created in which you can participate due to your skill average, a number will appear behind the link to the arena. This shows how many arenas you can potentially participate in. This function can now be switched off on the profile page. These arenas are always at the top. If you call up such an arena, the following information will be displayed:

Registration deadline by xx.xx.xxxx at 21:00:00
Participation fee (is no longer level-dependent, but is determined by the creator of the arena)
Prerequisite The skills area
with equipment? (yes/no)
with guards? (yes/no)
with ancestral abilities? (yes/no)

The seats are displayed underneath. Occupied places are shown with the character picture and the corresponding account name. If you click on such a name, you will be shown a character overview with the data relevant to the arena that was saved at the time of registration.

Empty seats are displayed as follows:

Simply click and the following message should appear:

        You have successfully registered with the Arena Master!

If you then call up arenas that are not yet fully occupied, the empty seats will be displayed as follows:


If an arena match has taken place, you will receive arena and experience points, except for free duels, and gold if you win.

1. Experience Points: The number of EP depends on the number of participants. For example, in duels it is 2 EP. In tournaments it is 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 EP.
2. Arena points: You can read about how arena points are made up a little further down.
3. Gold: If your team has won, you will be credited with double the entry fee as a victory bonus.

Arena statistics

In your profile you can set that your arena statistics are shown on the status page. Next to the value of how often you have taken part in fights, you can see there: 1. your victories/defeats/draws 2. how many arena points you have 3. your arena rank

The moon symbolises your effectiveness. The fuller the moon, the more effective you are.

Arena points

Regardless of your level and the size of the arena, you will receive arena points for each arena match you participate in. Basically, each participant of the winning team gets 300 arena points and each participant of the losing team gets 100 arena points. However, so that you don't make the fights too easy for yourself, this only applies in principle. Depending on how strong or weak a team was in the comparison, it gets more or less points. If the superior team wins, it gets less than 300 points. If the weaker team loses, it gets more than 100 points. But if the weaker team wins, it gets more than 300 points. In a fight, the more your skill average is above the skill average of the others, the less points the team you are on gets. Keep this in mind when choosing an arena to enter!

On the other hand, you have to make sure that your reputation as a great arena fighter is not forgotten... because it is weakening a little every day. So don't be surprised don't be surprised if you suddenly have a little less Arena Points than you did the day before! This regular decline in Arena Points, the fading of your fame, affects all players equally. So you can't rest on your laurels if you really want to keep your place among the best arena fighters on your server...

Arena rank

Every player who has at least 500 arena points is automatically rank 10. In contrast, rank 1 only exists once per server. The player with rank 1 is therefore currently the best arena fighter on the entire server.

The ranks in between are then distributed in a staggered manner: On each server there are a maximum of 5 players with rank 2. Rank 3 is usually available more often, although the exact number also depends on the number of players on the server, as with ranks 4-9.

To reach a certain rank, however, you must have a certain number of Arena points. If your score falls below this magic threshold, your rank will also fall. Please bear in mind that your rank can also drop if your arena points remain the same but the other players become better. This is because only a certain number of players per server can hold a certain rank. You will probably have to fight hard for the high ranks.

Short FAQ

Here is a short version of the Arena FAQ. The actual FAQ thread is located here. It is still being expanded and is not yet finished.

Does the guard fight in the arena or only the player alone?
Depending on the creator's setting, the battles are fought with or without equipment, guards or ancestor skills!

The skill average for the arena fight I signed up for is 15 and starts soon. My average is 15, am I allowed to skill in the time until the fight?
You can continue to skill, but this does not help in the fight. When you register, your values are saved and then taken into account in the fight.

What do I get out of such a fight? Gold? Experience?
You can win gold, but of course only if you are in the winning team. You always get arena points and experience points. You cannot win gold, arena points or experience points in free duels.

Is the arena profit / loss added to the statistics?
No, at the request of the users, the fights will not be included in the statistics.

When is the gold paid out? Immediately after the arena fight or only an hour later? Or how?
You have to collect the gold in the arena first. So it is not lying around unprotected.

How are the teams put together in combat?
The teams at the start of a match are randomly thrown together, which means that you cannot influence it.

Is there a draw in the arena? If yes: What happens then?
Yes, there is a draw or there can be a draw. In the event of a draw, the gold and experience points apply:

Arena Refund

Arena reports for gold refunds are not really news, so you can't read them either. But it is possible to mark them as "read" and thus these messages are no longer marked as "new".

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