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Since the update of the game servers in November 2009, there are now amulets among the equipment items in addition to Weapons, Armor and Rings. These can be found at the Merchant. However, the first amulets can only be seen from level 30.

Only one amulet can be put on at a time, but you can change the amulets.

Blood drop prices

Although it is possible to buy the amulets in exchange for Blooddrops, the respective prices depend on the current exchange rate for the exchange Blooddrops, corresponding to the level. -> Gold. For this reason, only the gold prices are listed in the prices of the amulets. If you have enough Blooddrops to buy an amulet, this will also be shown at the Merchant for the amulets. If you don't have enough Blooddrops, there are none at the side of the amulets and you can only buy them with gold.

Amulet types

There are also different types of amulets. The amulets only work when the amulet is put on/activated. Some amulets improve the results of manhunts, others speed up the healing of your character and some can influence combat.

Below is a general list (sorted by name).

Normal amulets

Here is the list of amulets for which there is no enhancement level.

Amulet of the Ancestral Curse

The amulet confuses the ancestors so much that they no longer heal the defender but the attacker. The amulet lasts only once, then it is erased.

Amulet of Early Ancestral Rescue

The ancestor appears a lot earlier than normal and also heals more.

Amulet of Experience

This amulet gives a bonus to Experience through the Hunt for Humans; the larger the city, the greater the likelihood that the bonus will occur.

Amulet of Orientation

Tiny towns are avoided during the manhunt, and the chance of a slip-up during the hunt is also reduced.

Amulet of Fluffiness

There are no more bloopers in the manhunt! Never run into rubbish bins or lampposts again!

Amulet of Terror

There is a small chance that the attacking player will flee. When the effect occurs, the two combatants have a 5-minute combat lock and the normal Hour Protection from attacks; the 12-hour protection from attacks by the same opponent is also effective! ('Premium players only!)

Amulet of Animal Empathy

With this amulet you have a chance to weaken the opponent's guard. Both sides can achieve this effect; defending players WITHOUT their own guardian also still have the chance to pull the attacker's guardian completely over to their own side! However, in this case the guardian fights for the defender in the weakened state caused by the amulet.

Amule with enhancement

The amulet types listed here have several versions.

Amulets of the Presence

The winner of a fight gets a bonus on his gold loot, as he attracts gawking people who lose additional gold that is credited to the player. The bonus is NOT deducted from the loser as it comes from the crowd!

Amule of Regeneration

The player receives a level-dependent healing bonus on his normal healing.

Questions about the amulets

Questions that arise time and again will soon be listed and answered here.

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