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This page is a translated version of the page Bekannte Bugs and the translation is 100% complete.
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Here you can find a small overview of all known bugs and problems that have occurred in Monstersgame so far. Enclosed is also a list of things that are supported by MG not!

We cannot provide no support for the following products, as they are not available in the final version and therefore should not be used for productive use:

  • Any kind of Betas, Alphas / RCs or others that have no final status yet
  • Firefox nightly versions of every kind
  • Opera Beta
  • Google Chrome Beta

These products are only intended for testing purposes by developers and can not only cause considerable damage to the system but also losses in and on the account! Whoever nevertheless uses the products and experiences losses or defects as a result, has no claim to reimbursements of any kind!

Known bugs/problems

First the known bugs and problems.

Arena Bug Timing

With the arena it can happen that with e.g. an arena creation for 1 day waiting time it is then 2 days more e.g.
I open an arena for a day on 31.10.2019 19:37 is the registration deadline of 02.11.2019 21:00

The bug is known and in progress!

Highscore display only to place xy

It can happen that on some servers the placement of the highscore is displayed differently. e.g. server 25 shows only up to place 800, after that the highscore is empty, but on server 1 it is displayed up to place 2200.

No bug, inactive accounts are hidden, the difference in the display comes from the difference of the still active players

Highscore display as . and not visible for others

Some players have the problem that they only see one "." (DOT) in their own highscore ranking, and other players tell you that they can't be found by the highscore for them.

No bug! As soon as you do a few fights you will get your ranking back and will not be counted as inactive anymore.

The side effects are unintended and will be checked again.

Multiple attacks at the same time

It can happen that you are attacked by several players at the same time or by the same player twice. This can even cause the life energy to fall into the negative range. Several users at the same time:

  • Everything less than 2 seconds apart from the first fight is still "simultaneous".
  • From 3 seconds difference to the first fight:

Your opponent has already had one fight within the last hour.

Multiple attacks of the same user:

  • If the server hangs and the user has a correspondingly nervous finger, it can happen that one and the same opponent is attacked several times by updating the attack page. Therefore generally use the "Back"-button for server crashes to avoid this problem.

Knowingly exploiting this bug leads to account deletion!

Known and in process:

Other information/problems

Even otherwise there may be minor problems. How to get help you can find here.

Registration only possible as Wolf/Vampire

Due to previous bites, cookies may cause you to be directed to the login page for vampires/wolves only. You can access each race separately via the following links:

A useful free tool to delete cookies and the cache is the CCleaner which is available for free download HERE.

Payment problems with the purchase of PT

If you have problems buying tickets, please look here: Problems with ticket purchase

Sell Buy Buy with Firefox 70.0.x

If you have problems with buying / selling potions and other items, proceed as follows:


with improved protection from activity tracking

set to default

This solves the problem. For the more experienced among you, there is also the function "user-defined" or exceptions.

Status page is not displayed correctly

Quote: Ricka


So first big praise for the update, but since installing the update yesterday noon on server 1 I have the following problem:

     1. the character's status page is no longer displayed
     2. already existing attack/defence reports are only displayed up to the ancestral site pictures

that matter

     -has only occurred since the update was installed,
     -is independent of which account on server 1 I log in and
     -occurs in ANY browser (Firefox, Opera, IE6, Netscape...).

Quote: Tommelchen

It was on a firewall; with the firewall off, everything would display correctly.

This means that if players have the same problem, the affected MG server(s) should be set as "Trusted Site" or "Harmless" at the firewall, so that nothing is blocked.