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This page is a translated version of the page LogIn Probleme and the translation is 100% complete.
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If you have problems logging in you don't have to panic at first, but can read here what you can do.


  • Do you have a typo in name/password (look at the keyboard letter by letter while typing)? Watch out for possibly switched on "cAPSLOCK" (Caps Lock key)!
  • Are you on the right server?
  • Did you forget to put the Clantag in front of the name?

If none of this helps click on "Forgot your password" and have the login data sent to you.

Attention: The mail can sometimes end up in your spam folder!
Attention²: If the email was not activated, you cannot have a password sent to you!

Always return to the login page

You cannot log in because you are always being redirected back to the login page? This is usually due to an antivirus program or a software firewall. See if you can create a Confidential Zone/Exception rule in one of these programs. Before that you should simply test the software exit (don't deactivate it but quit it completely)

  • If the login works, it is due to the antivirus program. Solution would then be an exception rule.

If it doesn't work, it's not the program. Does your firewall have some sort of "anti-banner" in it? If so, then switch off this module/function.

  • Now it should work with the login.

Troubleshooting: Some antibanner modules are very aggressive, so you should consult the manual of the program how to create an exception rule. Since there are many programs and they are all different, only the manual or the support of the manufacturer can tell you.

The problem with Firefox

If there are problems with Firefox when logging in and the tips above didn't help or the other browsers work without problems, please follow these steps:

Launch Firefox in Safe Mode
Start > All Programs > Mozilla Firefox > Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode)
Start > Run and enter this : firefox.exe -safe-mode
Still no login possible?

Ok then only one thing remains about you need a new profile, because the old one seems to be broken somehow.

= Create profile (support manual)

This manual is taken from the Firefox Wiki:

To create a new profile under Windows, you have to start Firefox with the parameter -P.
The following procedure is suitable for this:

  1. End Firefox completely #
  2. Click on "Run..." in the Windows start menu. (for Windows 10 right click on the start menu)
  3. "C:\Programme\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -P (adjust path if necessary). Please note: Do not forget the -P and the quotation marks!
  4. Click on "'OK" to start the profile manager.
  5. Click on "Create profile" in the profile manager and give it a name. (Please pay attention to the important, displayed note).
  6. Select the new profile and click on "'Start Firefox".

Firefox now starts with the newly created profile.

If the profile manager does not start although all windows are closed, it is recommended to check in the task manager via Ctrl+Alt+Del whether one or more processes named "firefox.exe" are still active. Terminate these processes. After that the profile manager should open without problems.

Problem: Email address is not recognized

If the email address is not recognized when using the "Forgot password" function, then the account may have been stolen, e.g. because of an insecure password or because several people had/have access. The player must then log in via Support Ticket to a Administrator turn!

Alternative login page

Problems with login can also be caused by an outdated/slow/badly configured computer. If you log in normally via a server address, e.g. with server 25 via http://spielwelt25.monstersgame.net/, you will end up on an animated login page. Under certain circumstances it could happen that the old/low-performance computer cannot cope with this page or can only cope with it with difficulty, so that the login takes a very long time.

For this reason there is an alternative login. You simply add an index.php?ac=loginpage or even just an ?ac=loginpage to the actual server address. On server 25, for example, this would look like this





This addition displays an alternative, non-animated login page. It is best to save this page so that you can always reach the respective server directly with a click and without animation. Even after the security-related forced logout after 30 minutes, you should log in again using the alternative login page, because otherwise you will end up on the animated page again, which may lead to login problems.

Players with reasonably fast and reasonably configured machines should be able to log in without this trick. And if that is not the case: scroll up again and read everything from the beginning ;-)

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