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This page is a translated version of the page Ahnenstätte and the translation is 100% complete.
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The ancestral home

Upon reaching level 20, a player has the opportunity to enter the ancestral site and compete against ancestors of their own race. If he wins, the player can learn one of four skills that improve the skills. You should think carefully about which ancestor skill you choose, because you can only learn the other skills from level 40, 60 and 80.

Prerequisites for an ancestor fight

  • At least level 20
  • Enough gold to pay the ancestor
  • At least 100 life energy

If you have not yet reached level 20, you will get to an empty page when you click on the Ancestral Site link in the city. If you have already reached level 20 but lack life energy or gold, you can enter the ancestral home, but the attack button is missing. A fight is then of course not possible.

The fight

When you enter the ancestral home, you are greeted as follows:

'I Benbegaz, Conqueror of Good, welcome you [player name] to the Ancestral Place! If you prove yourself worthy and defeat me, I will teach you the special arts! In order for you to be allowed to compete against me, I require a fee of 1,000.00 gold! If you have that much gold, click on "Attack" now! If not, return when you can pay me! This is your 1st test!

If you defeat the ancestor, you get to choose an ancestor skill. If you lose, you may take the exam again the next day. Only one ancestor exam can be taken per day, regardless of whether one wins or loses.

Statistics on victories and defeats can be found in the profile.

The names and epithets of the ancestors change from examination to examination.

A small selection of the names: Benrufer, Benruson, Dabekaz, Dakufus, Dameluz, Damikan, Grobefus, Grobekan, Groberus, Grokugaz, Grolerus, Gromuran, Juberan, Jukumok, Jumufus, Junumok, Jurumok, Korkokan, Kormifer, Kormukan, Korzifer, Lugoluz, Lunufer, Zerrugaz... and many more.

A few examples of epithets: Conqueror of Good, Prince of Damnation, Ancestor of Evil, Prince of Darkness, Prince of Hell,...

Ancestor skills

Race Strength Dexterity Stamina Defence

Blood Rage



Stone skin






If the names here are not correct, please send a message to Patti with the correct names

Innovations through the update in February 2011

- The ancestor now has a weapon and armour that corresponds to his level. Previously it was possible for the ancestor to have better equipment than would have been possible with the level.

- In addition to weapon and armour, the values of the rings and amulets now also flow into the battle.

- The ancestor can now also have a hardened weapon.

- There are new ancestral potions, namely Elder Potion (+15) and Elder Potion (+25).

Frequently asked questions and their answers

(you can also ask questions here here)

  • Is it normal that the ancestor can have a weapon or armour that he cannot actually have for his level?

No, since the update of 23.02.2011 the ancestor can only have the maximum equipment for his level.

  • Despite a draw against the ancestor, I am told I have lost and should train and then come back - Why?/b>

Well, quite simply, to win, of course, you have to win against the ancestor and not draw, because a draw is not a win!

  • I have won the battle more times than my skills indicate! What now?

Simply go to the ancestral site again the next day and retrain the skill.

  • My values are counted once and not once!

The ancestor abilities are only used in combat against level 20 or higher, you will probably have attacked an opponent below level 20.

  • How can it be that I only win 25% of my fights? What I don't understand about the whole thing is that I am constantly 3-5 points superior to the ancestor in all stats, but still lose to him by a huge margin! Somehow I can't explain that. I win against stronger opponents of the other race without any problems. Is there a serious difference?

This is due to chance. High skills only increase the chance of winning, but do not guarantee victory. Comparable to the normal combat script.

  • can it be that the ancestor, although he was 2 levels higher than me, had the same armour and the weapon was even the next worse to mine?

Of course that can be. If he can have the next better weapon/armour, why should he not be able to have the next worse?

  • Can ancestor potions be used when fighting against ancestors?

Yes, this is possible.

  • Will the guardian be involved in the fight?

No, you must fight alone.

  • Is the combat script exactly the same when fighting the ancestor?

yes, but you fight the ancestor without your guardian.

  • Do you also lose your gold, like in fights against the other race, or does it remain at the cost of the fight?

No, the only costs that arise are those that you have to pay for the fight.

  • Do you get your gold back when you win or can you capture something from the ancestor?

No. The only thing you gain are skills.

  • If you have already learned an ability and you fight against the ancestor again, is the learned ability added in the fight, or only in normal WW/Vamp fights?

It is only added in normal fights against vampires/werewolves. In the fight against the ancestor you have to rely on your normal abilities.

  • Do you also have one hour of protection after a fight in the ancestral place?

As the fight does not trigger a waiting period, there is no hour protection as with normal fights.

  • Do the ancestors have a defensive bonus because they are in their "shelter", so to speak?


  • Can one subsequently read the fight against an ancestor in the attack reports?


  • Where can one see the battle report with the ancestors again?

Simple: Under your attack reports, there it will be stored for 7 days for sure....

  • Can you also save your skills? Say: I'm level 39 today, but I'll get to level 40 tomorrow. Can I then save the skill until I can learn the next skill?

of course you can. Just go to the next ancestral test and choose the new skill....

Questions about the skills:

  • What about the skill increase? Now, if I win my first fight against the ancestor and have him teach me strength, I get +5 strength, right?


  • What does it look like for the second fight? Can I train strength again or do I have to take another value?

It all depends on your level. From level 20 to 39 you can only train one value. From level 40 to 59 you can train two, from level 60 to 79 a total of 3 and from level 80 you can train four values.

  • When you reach LVL 80, does it matter which skill you train or is there any order?

The order is entirely up to you. You can choose a skill at level 20 or at level 80.

  • Are the +5 skill points visibly added to the combat report?

Yes they will. Instead of, for example, Dexterity: 43, there is then 48 due to the ancestral ability Reflexes/Doppelgänger (trained once).

  • If you are already level 80, you can choose the skill you want to train. Can you do all 4 in one day? Or only ONE skill every 24 hours?

The latter. You can only train one skill per battle.

  • If you now take a second exam, do you only get 5 skills again or 10?

You only get 5 skill points per victory.

  • So if I take the exam again, for a bit more gold of course, I get +5 again, so that I already have +10 in total?


  • If I reach level 40 and can add a 2nd skill but continue training the first, does this count as a 2nd skill and do I have to wait until level 60 to decide again?

No, you can always choose a second skill when you reach level 40, or you can continue to train the skill you have already received. You could theoretically train only one skill until level 80, although you could already train the others.

  • "These points are only added during an attack or during defence."

They don't count as standard character values, do they? So visible in the status, or do you have to "think about it"?
In the status only the ancestral site examinations are displayed, but the values themselves are only visibly added in combat.

  • "If I now fight as a level 40 ger with 2 trained skills against a level 20 ger with only 1 skill, can I only use one of my skills?

No, all the skills you have are used.

"Apply as an ancestor"

Some players have already been upset about these players (i.e. the ancestors) or have wanted to apply to be some themselves. Let it be said to this:

The ancestor is not a player, but only an NPC (non-player character), i.e. only a script. You cannot apply to become an ancestor, write with him, etc., because the ancestor is only a script and not an existing character.

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