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Each player has a total of at least 60 minutes of manhunt available daily for the player to hunt for blood/meat loot and gold. Premium players even have 120 minutes of manhunt available. After the time runs out you can come and rake in the following areas (or not):

  1. Village
  2. Small town
  3. City
  4. Big city
  5. Sog. Idle: You've flown over a dumpster, run into a lamppost or wandered aimlessly.

Booty distribution

The loot and experience point distribution is as follows:

  • 2 EP up to 100 Booty
  • 4 EP from 100.01 to 140 Booty
  • 6 EP from 140,01 to 180 Booty
  • 8 EP from 180,01 to 220 Booty
  • 10 EP from 220.01 Booty
Formeln =

The formula for calculating the Booty in relation to the level:

  • major city = 250 + 12.5*edge(0 - 15) + level

((250 + level) to (625 + level))

  • City = 50 + 2.5*edge(0 - 15) + level

((50 + Level) to (125 + Level))

  • Small city = 10 + 0.5*edge(0 - 15) + Level

((10 + Level) bis (25 + Level))

  • Dorf = 3 + 0.15*edge(0 - 15) + Level

((3 + Level) bis (7.5 + Level))

  • Idle time (garbage can, lantern and wandering around aimlessly) is about 5%

How do I best do the manhunt?

Non-Premium Player

  • 1st safefight (smaller opponents can be found in the highscore list)
  • 2. 3 x 10 min manhunt
  • 3. safety fight
  • 4. 3 x 10 min manhunt
  • 5th safety fight

premium player

  • 1. safty fight (smaller opponents can be found in the highscore list or by searching smaller or equal LV)
  • 2. 4 x 10 min. Human hunt
  • 3. safety fight
  • 4. 4 x 10 min. Human hunt
  • 5th safety fight
  • 6. 4 x 10 min. Human hunt
  • 7th safty fight

accelerate chase

By bloodletting (Missio Sanguinis) of 10 BC/MoonCoins you can accelerate your manhunt.

Randomness of the hunt

Often players ask why they only have villages lately and if it has something to do with this or that factor. For more information about this please click Is the manhunt really random? or in the web archive Here.

By creating a Amulets such as theAmulet of orientation you can improve the loot of gold and reduce the probability of villages and mishaps. There are three amulets that can have an effect on manhunts.

Error message at MH

Unfortunately it happens again and again that some users can read the following message: "Error! Please call the manhunt over the appropriate form!

  • 1. this can be because you have several tabs/browser windows open for MonstersGame, this is not allowed and can lead to this message.
  • 2. your are using e.g. Firefox 79.0.x and have no premium anymore. Then please note the following:


with improved protection against activity tracking

Standard one check mark


There were some players who reported a metropolis / megalopolis at that time and got a lot of gold from it. But these were false reports to confuse other players. Such finds never existed. This was never implemented.