Uncle Pumpkinhead

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Uncle Pumpkinhead is a NPC, which was created for the Halloween campaign 2011. He has the unusual User-ID -1 and could be found by chance via the opponent search.

Description of character

In contrast to Stan Claus the good Uncle Pumpkinhead unfortunately has no character description.



  • Uncle Pumpkinhead reflects the player's weapon and guard as well as rings and ancestor checks
  • But he does not own armour and amulets! Achievements are not activated.
  • Uncle Pumpkinhead has (as well as the ancestor) the same level as the attacking player



Of course uncle pumpkinhead has a purpose. On the one hand it is supposed to awaken the fighting spirit of the players and on the other hand there is an achievement "Uncle Pumpkinhead's Pitchfork" (see also: Special Enemies) There is also plenty of gold. So the search is doubly worthwhile.

Opera Momentaufnahme 2019-10-23 203512 de25.monstersgame.moonid.net.png

The fight

This is what a fight report with Uncle Pumpkinhead looks like:

Onkel Kürbiskopf im Kampf

Here you can see the equipment and skills described above. The old uncle is also loaded with a little gold, which gives the Halloween hunt an extra incentive.

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