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Stan Claus is a NPC, which was created for the Christmas campaign 2010/11. He has the unusual User-ID -1 and could be found by coincidence over the opponents search.

Character description

"An obviously disorientated old guy in red plush rags stumbles out of the wall towards you, a strange red and white gun raised high above his head."


One could never see what property values he possessed. These were always marked with [???].


Stan Claus always had only one specific object and this was a sword in the appearance of a candy cane.



Of course Stan Claus had a purpose. On the one hand he was supposed to awaken the desire to fight, on the other hand an advent calendar was created. This Advent calendar worked on the whole like a normal Advent calendar. Every day, with the help of Stan Claus, among others, you could find a tile. If he was found and defeated in the random search, you definitely got a tile. Furthermore, you could also find a tile in normal fights. The tiles found had the effect that a door opened in the Advent calendar and a picture was taken at the end. Premium tickets were raffled off among all those who solved the calendar completely.

Find after normal fight

Adventskallender Kampf2.PNG

Victory against Stan Claus

Sieg gegen Stan Claus.PNG

defeat against Stan Claus

Unfortunately, one could also lose to Stan Claus and thus lose gold.

Niederlage gegen Stan Claus.PNG

Advent calendar

The Advent calendar started together with the appearance of Stan Claus and was active from December 1st. If all 24 tiles were found, you could see an elaborate graphic. The Advent calendar was removed after 2012!

Untouched Advent Calendar

Adventskallender 1.PNG

Advent calendar after a few days

Adventskallender 1.5.png

Advent calendar on 23rd Christmas Day

The graphic is already clearly visible.

Adventskallender 2.PNG

The finished Advent calendar.

Very nice and elaborate graphics, which could be seen in status until 6.01.2011.


Thanks to the graphic designers for this really successful graphic.

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