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Aria Valentia

Aria Valentia, the MonstersGame heartbreaker, is another NPC who came to the MG world on Valentine's Day 2011. Like the mysterious Stan Claus, she has the unusual user ID -1' and can be found by chance via the enemy search.


When it comes to equipment, Aria Valentia is oriented towards the attacker. She always has the same weapon, as well as the same amulets and rings as the player. However, she does without armour. Even Aria Valentia's guardian is identical to the attacker's guardian.

Aria Valentia's basic skills are comparatively poor, but she makes up for this by gaining ALL of the attacker's additional skills in combat, which come from Ancestral Battles, Armour, and Rings.

The search

If you have found Aria Valentia with a bit of luck, it looks like this:

Aria Valentia


  • She has only one experience
  • She has no achievement
  • She gives an achievement to the player on victory

The battle

This is what a combat report with Aria Valentia looks like:

Aria Valentia in battle

Here you can see, as already mentioned, that the equipment (apart from the armour), the guardian and the additional skills are identical to your own character skills. The heartbreaker is also loaded with a little gold, which gives the heartbreaker an extra incentive.

Furthermore, you get a Achievement when you win, here is the message you will receive:


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