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This page is a translated version of the page MoonXP and the translation is 100% complete.
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Here is explained what the MoonXP are and where they are needed and used.

What are MoonXP?

By posting and logging into the portal you get experience points called moonXP, through which you also get a level up in the Moonid portal.

Where do I see my moonXP?

You can view your experience and level on MoonID at Profile and just click on MOONXP, there you can see your level and your current XP in the upper area, below you can see your progress to the next level on MoonID. The history shows you where you got your moonXP and when.

Where can I get moonXP ?

There are several ways to get moonXP.

Currently you get for :

  • Foren-Post XP
  • MoonID login XP

What can I do with the moonXP and the level?

Unfortunately, nothing can be done with the moonXP at the moment, other players only see how active you are in the portal through your level. In short, "at the moment" is only for the eye.