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This page is a translated version of the page Friedhof and the translation is 100% complete.
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Screenshot of the Graveyard page

If a player does not have enough Gold or does not have enough gold to continue playing, he can go to the graveyard and work for 1-12 hours to earn gold.

If you enter the Graveyard via the city, you will be told the following:

You need gold? In the graveyard, you can work as a [profession] for [amount] gold per hour. Once you have reached level XX, you can work as a [profession] for [amount] gold per hour.

Choose how long you want to work and click on a tombstone you are working on. Maybe luck will favour you and you will find something!

Now all you have to do is select the time and click on one of the tombstones, and you can start working.

Since the update of 24 August 2010, it is possible to stop work in the first 10 minutes. However, you do not receive a wage for this.

Find items

Since the update in November 2009, it has been possible to find an item at work if you are lucky. Since the small change of 24 August 2010, the find is only displayed when the wage is collected.

One then receives a hint:


While you are tending the graves at your work, you open a coffin and can hardly believe your eyes when you find the following item: [item].

You can find all kinds of equipment, which you can then also put on normally and use actively. So they are not just decoration or "for showing off".

As an example, a potion found (click to enlarge)

Questions about finding

I can't find any items! Is there a bug? Does it not work?
This is not a bug, you can only find an item with a bit of luck and there is no guarantee that you will find it.

Are there good and bad gravestones? That is, can I already tell from the message on the stone that I will find an object?
No, the news has nothing to do with the probability of finding an item. So there are no win or lose messages.

List of graveyard jobs

So far, 26 professions are known, which you inevitably get in the course of leveling up.

Activity level wage/h Wage in 12h
gravedigger level 1 5 gold 60 gold
grave keeper Level 3 10 gold 120 gold
Corpse restorer Level 6 20 gold 240 gold
Cemetery guard Level 10 40 gold 480 gold
coffin farmer Level 15 80 gold 960 gold
Undertaker Level 20 120 gold 1,440 gold
corpse dissector Level 25 180 gold 2,160 Gold
gravestone mason Level 30 250 gold 3,000 gold
Cemetery Gardener Level 35 350 gold 4,200 gold
Cemetery caretaker Level 40 500 gold 6,000 gold
priest of the dead Level 50 750 gold 9,000 gold
exhumer Level 60 1,000 gold 12,000 gold
Cemetery Owner Level 70 1,250 Gold 15,000 Gold
Soul Merchant Level 80 1,500 Gold 18,000 Gold
Necromancer Level 90 1,750 gold 21,000 gold
Hell Gatekeeper Level 100 2,000 gold 24,000 gold
Scythe Man Level 125 2,500 gold 30,000 Gold
Hell Priest Level 140 2,750 Gold 33,000 Gold
Demonic Messenger Level 155 3,000 gold 36,000 gold
Apocalyptic Rider Level 170 3,250 Gold 39,000 Gold
Demon Lord Level 185 3,500 gold 42,000 gold
Guardian of the Nine Circles Level 200 3,750 Gold 45,000 Gold
Eldest Fury Level 215 4,000 gold 48,000 Gold
Priest of the Holy Seals Level 230 4,250 gold 51,000 gold
Archdemon Level 245 4,500 gold 54,000 gold
Lord of the Lower Planes Level 260 4,750 Gold 57,000 Gold

If the names differ slightly, please send me the correct name.

Cancel work

It is possible to interrupt the work during the first 10 minutes.

To do this, all you have to do in the cemetery is look at the text :

"If you change your mind, you can still stop working within x minutes. In this case, however, you will not be paid for the time you have worked.

click on cancel.