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The User ID is a combination of numbers that is unique for each account. With the ID you can easily find an account.


The User ID is used for all problems concerning the account so that the Administrators know which account it is and can check it out. Without the User ID, it is rarely possible to help with problems, so it is as important as the server.

Where is the User ID?

The User ID can be found directly on the status page and cannot be read over. Furthermore, it is exactly the sequence of numbers that is located on the Bite link.

Userid via status

Foreign User IDs?

How can I find out the User ID of a foreign player? There are several possibilities:

Over the high score

Find the account in the highscore and click on it. Copy the link in the new window above. The number combination at the end corresponds to the User ID of the foreign account. The link looks like this:

XX = Server, YYYYYYY = ID

After a fight/a message

After a fight with the player, his name can be found in the defense or attack reports. If he sent a message, it will be in his inbox. Just click on the name there and copy the link in the URL bar of the browser, just like the highscore.