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What does a Premium Promotion mean for the purchase of MoonCOINS?

Here as an example the official text from the Moon Forum (Halloween action 2018):

The Premium Halloween promotion runs from 10/22/2018 to 11/12/2018, in each case until 10 pm server time. The premium promotion includes a 50% higher credit when purchasing a premium package.

  • moonID - 50% more moonCOINs when purchasing a moonCOIN package
  • MonstersGame - 50% more blood drops when buying a blood drop package
  • KnightFight - 50% more gems when buying a jewels package
  • MonstersLand - 50% more drops of blood when buying a gemstone package

Notes on the Halloween campaign

  • The premium promotion applies to all packages (moonCOIN packages, gemstone packages, platinum bar packages, blood drop packages, etc.) purchased during the promotion period. The summer promotion also applies to all premium tickets (only BananaKing!) that are redeemed in a game account during the premium promotion. If tickets are purchased during this period but not redeemed by 22.00 on 12.11.2018, these tickets will only be considered normal premium tickets.
  • We cannot credit packages or tickets retroactively as "Autumn Promotion Packages". If the payment AND credit for the packages or tickets has not been made by 22.00 hrs on 12.11.2018, we will not be able to issue any later credits manually. Therefore it is recommended to participate in the promotion in time if you want to take part.
  • We would like to point out that the crediting of bank transfers from abroad can take several days. Even in the case of a late credit, we are not able to provide subsequent promotional credits.

Your RedMoon Studios Team

When is which action?

  • Easter: April 1 - April 22.
  • Summer: August 1 - August 22.
  • Halloween: 10/22 - 12/11
  • Christmas/Winter: 19.12. - 10.01.

First time in 2020

  • Valentine's Day 02/13 to 02/18
  • #StayHome (20.03) in the Corona Crisis were given away 14 days premium to all players to stay at home.

Repeats 2021

  • Valentine's Day 14.02 to 18.02.

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