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Jack Ribbet

Jack Ribbet, the MonstersGame Easter Bunny, is another NPC who hopped into the MG world at Easter 2011. He has, like the mysterious Stan Claus, the unusual User-ID -1 and can be found by chance via the enemy search.


In terms of equipment, Jack Ribbet orients himself to the attacker. He always has the same weapon as well as the same amulets and rings as the player. However, he does without the armor. Even the guardian of Jack Ribbet is identical to the guardian of the attacker.

Jack Ribbet's basic skills are comparatively poor, but he makes up for this by being awarded ALL of the attacker's additional skills in combat, which are a result of ancestor battles, armor, and rings.

The lack of armor is probably a display error because the additional skills of Jack Ribbet are 1:1 identical to the additional skills of his own character.

The Search

If you found Jack Ribbet with a little luck, that's what it looks like:

Jack Ribbet


  • He came already at Easter, although he was only created after Easter. ;-)
  • His skills can also have decimal places.
  • He has no experience

The battle

This is a combat report with Jack Ribbet:

Jack Ribbet in combat EN grafic welcome

Here you can see, as already mentioned, that the equipment (apart from the armour), the guard and the additional skills are identical with your own charskills. The hare is also loaded with a little gold, which gives the hare hunt an additional incentive.

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