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This page is a translated version of the page Email-Aktivierung and the translation is 95% complete.
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After you have registered with MonstersGame, you will be asked to activate your email via a so-called activation email. For activation click on Profile > Request activation mail. You will then (normally) receive an email with an activation link. You just have to click on it, then your account should be activated. But why should you do this at all?

Reasons for activation

  • If the email address has been activated, you can retrieve your password using the forgot password? function.

Attention: If the email address has not been activated, you cannot request a password!

Mail confirmation in MoonID portal

If you have registered in the MoonID portal, you will automatically receive an e-mail in which you have to confirm your e-mail address, just like when you change your e-mail address.

In the mail you will get the following link which you have to click on:

XXX = numbers and letters that are only valid for you to confirm your email address.

Mail address not yet activated

A confirmed mail address


Problems during activation

From time to time there may be minor problems with the activation of the mail, which are listed below.

No mail received

This can have several reasons:

  • The mail provider (web, hotmail, gmx and many other freemail providers) hold back the mail and it only arrives after a few days

Solution: Wait for some time, the mail should come through at some point

  • The mail landed in the spam folder because the sender was not entered in the so-called whitelist

Solution: Fish mail from the spam folder

  • No mail arrives shortly after server startup

Solution: Due to the many requests for an activation mail, the system was overloaded. Just try again later

Seltzer characters

If the email consists only of an unreadable salad of letters that cannot be deciphered, this is due to the email provider or email program (e.g. older Outlook versions) that does not support the Base64 system.

Solution: Have the incomprehensible text here copied in and decoded.

Meanwhile the problem should not occur any more because older versions of Outlook etc. are not supported any more, but if someone has a problem he can use this solution.