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This page is a translated version of the page Beisslink and the translation is 100% complete.
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Bite link deactivated since September 2012

Since the introduction of the MoonID Portal, the Beisslink is no longer available on the game worlds because it has become superfluous due to the advertising function of the Moon Portal. On the loot of 2 - 4 gold one has really big loss, which one had taken with the Bite link. But you can still advertise and of course get something for it, see MoonID.

According to cvd, however, the bite link is to be reactivated! But there is no date for this yet!

However, it is possible to put together your own Beisslink again. (see instructions below)

The bite link serves to draw the attention of other internet users to the game and earns the person whose bite link was clicked on some blood or flesh loot and gold. In addition, one can create other vampires or werewolves (only one's own race). If those bitten then register, this again brings an advantage.

With each bite you suck 1-3 litres of blood from your victim as a vampire or eat 1-3 kilos of flesh as a werewolf. The same amount is also credited to your gold account. If the victim now also registers, you have created a new vampire or werewolf. In addition, 25% of the loot will be credited to you for every victim that the character you created bites! As soon as the character you have created reaches level 3, you will receive 50 gold and one experience point! You can invest your gold in improving your character traits or you can use it to build a safe house to be better protected from your enemies.

What was it like in the old days?

The bite link was on the status page:


 Your link for hunting on the internet:
 or for MoonID Portal

e.g. for Int 2 :
 Tip: You can put the link on your own homepage, 
 use it as a signature in discussion forums or send it to your friends.
 friends. The link is not meant to be posted wildly in forums, guest books or chats or to be spammed. 
 spamming with it. 
 Anyone who does so will be deleted without comment! As soon as someone clicks on your link, 
 he will be bitten by you and you will receive loot and gold!

(YY corresponds to the server, XXXXXXXXX corresponds to the User ID)

However, you can also hide the bite link by activating the "No registration link" function in your profile. To make the link visible again, simply uncheck "No registration link" under Profile and click on Save.

  • Remember that you can't create accounts if your bite link is deactivated!
  • Keep in mind that you will not be able to make any bites if you have checked the "No registration link" box!


Caution is advised when distributing the link, because a bite link is not welcome everywhere. It is usually regarded as spam. In the MonstersGame forum, for example, it is only allowed in the signature. If a bite link is allowed and where it is not, you have to ask in each case. A list of sites where it is definitely no longer allowed due to excessive spamming of other members can be found here.

What to look out for

On the one hand, the link may only be posted where it is permitted and on the other hand, you must be able to decide voluntarily whether you want to click on the link or not. The link must also be recognisable as such via mouseover, i.e. it must not be disguised with a or tinyurl.

It is also forbidden to use a link exchange. See also §6 (Game Rule).

No registration link

This function can be activated or deactivated in the game under Profile.

By activating "No registration link", you can no longer create accounts. This also applies if you are registered as a friend during registration. The person is then created by an elder.

Since 27.04.2009, the bites can also be switched off. This means that you no longer get bites by activating the "No registration link" function. This prevents the biting link from being exploited by a stranger.


A small derivative video can be found here (german):